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At Sigma Communications, we offer our customers a broad range of services from our experienced field technicians and engineers. Here are just a few of the services we provide:

Consultation and Design Turn Key Installations: Complete antenna and/or IF and RF Installation, testing and theodolite alignment. From VSAT’s to 32m. This includes IFL waveguide installation and testing. Complete RF integrated ground station packages including receivers, modulators, demodulators, TWTA’s, fiber optics, control and tracking systems.

Retrofits and Upgrades: Complete antenna and/or RF component repair or replacement that is designed to enhance or reinstate damaged or worn earth stations to better than original condition for performance specifications.

Antenna Verification Testing: Our field engineers provide all relevant antenna verification needed to bring your antenna online. We perform a variety of such tests that include G/T (spectrum analyzer/radio star method); crosspol isolation contours and error channel pattern, just to name a few.

System Verification Testing: Sigma Communications’ technicians perform all pertinent tests with regards to the optimal performance of systems equipment. A few examples are group delay, spurious emissions, amplitude/frequency response and stability tests.

Site Surveys: We provide detailed assessment, inspection and reporting of new and existing proposed sites of your antenna or earth station requirements.

Maintenance Agreements: Sigma Communications provides contracts that enable us to visit your site on a regular basis to inspect and provide upkeep for your antenna(s).

Also available:

  • Antenna Installation
  • IFL Installation
  • RF Equipment Installation
  • System Upgrades
  • Control Systems Installation
  • Radiation Spill-over Testing
  • Extensive Waveguide
  • Maintenance & Control Installation
  • Antenna Verification Testing
  • IFL Testing and Tuning
  • Ancillary Equipment Installation
  • Antenna Maintenance
  • Foundation Installation
  • De-Ice Systems
  • RF Calibration and Testing
  • System Design & Implementation



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